Enel X

Enel Energy set up a South Africa operation selling renewable energy solutions to SME and home users. They required a full 360° digital implementation from strategy through content creation and ad campaign management to ongoing analytics and reporting.

We started by developing a clear conversion model that outlined how each platform would perform and contibute to generating the leads for business they required. The original model required leads to be generated at R650 each, over the two and half years we managed the account we produced 5670 leads at an average Cost Per Acquisition of R495. We managed ad spend in total of R2.8M in that time period.

The platforms were Google Search, Google Display Network, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. We oversaw and implemented content and advertising on all of these channels as well as providing community management on a daily basis, achieving a 98% response rate with a 3 hour average turnaround time. 


Procter & Gamble tasked us with setting up social presences for 11 of their brands, including Gillette, Duracell, Always and Olay, starting with Pampers. 

The Pampers’ Social Media presence started off in difficult territory, with little strategic direction, no paid media support and a global toolkit that had little to no relevance to the cultural diversity of the brand’s South African audience.

We knew that to really capture the hearts of new moms, we needed to be a reliable source of much-needed advice. We created the 5 Star Panel of Experts, with regular live chats with industry thought-leaders such as Sister Lillian, a small team of dedicated community managers (who are also mommies) and regular content that is useful and relevant to new moms across a range of most asked about topics, from skin issues to fussy eaters. Relevant and authentic content, a simple photo sharing conversation, and a team of dedicated community managers with a customer call-centre that cared turned the page into the holistic Mommy-focused page it was always meant to be. The brand went on to speak to over 75 000 moms every day with over 40 000 engagements from moms every month. Pampers was named the 2nd most responsive brand in South Africa for the time we worked on it.


OUTsurance / Springbok Rugby

OUTsurance wanted a digital platform that would allow them to leverage their sponsorship of Springbok Rugby Referees. Springbok Rugby turned to us to create an online game called Weekly Whistle. The execution was disarmingly simple, using the Facebook Instant Experience to display a clip of video of an incident on the Rugby field. Entrants would need to enter by multiple choice the reason why a penalty was given in the clip.

In addition to Facebook experience which ran a new video clip on a weekly basis, we created a microsite that allowed regular players to come back every week to enter. A small amount of ad spend, targeted at Rugby fans went a long way and the client has been very satisfied with the results.

We ran the campaign over 3 season for 3 years, generating a total of 3.3M branded video views and over 12 000 unique entries. We generated a total value of over R8.5M for less than R2.5M investment.


Penflex tasked us with renewing their ageing website and implementing a social media strategy on Facebook to generate brand awareness for their stationery.

We identified 3 key audiences: Moms, Business Types and Students and developed a content strategy to speak to each of those audiences independently on Facebook. In addition to the social media content, we produced 2 blog posts per month creating engagement and interest for these audiences. The aim was to build a trusting relationship with the audiences, ensuring that Penflex would be top of mind when making stationery decisions.

This ongoing campaign reaches between 350 000 and 500 000 people a month for an average ad spend of just R15 000. We're very proud of an average engagement rate of 7% for this client.

Strategy implementation: agile approach to ongoing optimisation

Reporting is a key element as it provides the measurement to demonstrate how the strategy has been implemented. We believe in frequent reporting from day one to ensure an agile approach that allows the strategy and tactical implementation to be tweaked as it evolves, rather than only having reports at the end of campaigns when it’s too late to do anything.

Like a game of chess, we need to be able to respond to the current situation as it evolves, quickly and confidently. We have the experience to do just this.