Web and App Development

Having a focal point for digital marketing is essential, whether it be a simple landing page or a fully functioning e-commerce site. We have three different teams, each with its own specialisation, from Wordpress sites to sites developed in the enterprise-class Kentico Content Management System. We also excel in app development for both iOS and Android.

We use an agile approach to project management, dividing the job into bite-size chunks and releasing frequently allowing you control and visibility of the project as it unfolds. Whatever the size of the project, we can scale accordingly and deliver reasonably priced and powerful solutions.

Content Creation

Good content is absolutely essential in today's marketing mix. We plan content by carefully understanding each audience that your brand is targeting and tailoring content to provide interest and engagement to these audiences. When we plan social media content, it is done in close conjunction with paid media planning to ensure the content is boosted to the correct audiences to achieve maximum results. We look for the sweet spot - content that provides value to an audience, not just pushing price and product. 

We produce a full range of content from social media content plans through to blogs and video items.

Digital Advertising

Performance media is the name of the game. Planning and buying advertising that drives traffic and produces leads or e-commerce transactions. We place emphasis on Return on Ad Spend, planning advertising according to a Conversion Model that clearly defines the parameters in which the media must perform in order to produce the desired results. 

We understand and comfortable buying on a number of platforms including Google Search, Google Display Network, YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter.

Our approach to reporting is one of frequency, reporting often especially in the early stages of a campaign. This allows us to tweak and optimise on an ongoing basis against the strategic model we determined up front in conjunction with you.

Strategy and Analytics

These two go hand in hand, as you need to know exactly where you are in order to know if the strategy is working. We ensure that analytics platforms are correctly set up from the get go to be able to report and optimise properly.

Our approach to strategy looks at:
  • Where we are now?
  • Where we want to get to?
  • How will we get there?
  • How will know when we get there?
See the About Us page for more information on our unique strategic planning process.

Strategy implementation: agile approach to ongoing optimisation

Reporting is a key element as it provides the measurement to demonstrate how the strategy has been implemented. We believe in frequent reporting from day one to ensure an agile approach that allows the strategy and tactical implementation to be tweaked as it evolves, rather than only having reports at the end of campaigns when it’s too late to do anything.

Like a game of chess, we need to be able to respond to the current situation as it evolves, quickly and confidently. We have the experience to do just this.